The Best—And Worst—Of V-Day

Wonder just how good—or bad—it can get on February 14th? Get a load of these true tales from February 14th daters.

By Matt Christensen

ead these true tales of Valentine’s Day dates, both good and bad. Get inspired by the sweet stories—and indulge in some misery-loves-company empathy while perusing the sour ones…

The best of Valentine’s Day:

Smart cookie
“I didn’t have a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day last year. My mom knew that I’d just broken up with the woman I’d been dating, so she sent me a whole box full of her special chocolate chip cookies to make me feel better. It worked—in more
“A pizza arrived, with a giant pepperoni heart on it!”
ways than one. Not only were the cookies great, but I shared them with my neighbor next door. She was alone on Valentine’s Day too, and said she hadn’t had a home-baked cookie in a long time. She also said she was really glad I came to talk to her, because she’d noticed me around our street but didn’t have the nerve to talk to me. The next night, she and I went out to dinner, and ended up dating… I love those cookies.”
—Mark, Westlake, OH

Let it snow
“I remember a Valentine’s Day when it snowed horribly, and there was no way we were going out anywhere romantic. My boyfriend gave me a big box to open. I had no idea what to expect, but, when I opened it, I smiled from ear to ear. My boyfriend got me one of those plastic sleds from the toy store and a winter hat and mittens. Taped on the sled was a note that said ‘Let’s Go!’ We went to a local sledding hill and played in the snow all day. It was so romantic and so much fun!”
—Lauren, Boston, MA

Catalog shopping saves the day
“My girlfriend knows I like leafing through her Victoria’s Secret catalogs and often teases me about it. On Valentine’s Day one year I came home and there was a new one conspicuously sitting on the counter. I flipped through it, and I came to a page with some amazingly sexy lingerie on it, and a picture of my girlfriend pasted on the head of the model. There was a speech bubble coming out of her mouth that said, ‘Come upstairs.’ When I opened our bedroom door, she was waiting there, wearing the same outfit that was in the magazine. How cool is that?”
—Dave, Brooklyn, NY

The power of pizza
“Since my girlfriend and I were so busy at work during Valentine’s week, we’d agreed not to do anything special on Valentine’s Day, figuring an evening of relaxing together would be a good enough present. But we never said anything about the day before Valentine’s Day. When she came home from work and asked what we should make for dinner, I told her I’d already made plans. A few minutes later, pizza was delivered to our door with a giant heart made out of pepperoni. I’d observed the rules, but I was still able to make her smile. She says it’s one of her favorite Valentine’s Day memories ever… and I have to agree.”
—Al, Parma, OH

Special delivery
“My girlfriend had me worried one year. She kept teasing me, telling me that I would get something ‘special’ at work on Valentine’s Day. I work with a lot of guys, so I was dreading the thought of a bouquet of roses ending up on my desk. I was sweating it all day, until one of the mail guys finally brought me an envelope with my name on it. I was still worried that it might be something corny, so I went into the bathroom and opened it. Inside was a picture of my girlfriend in a bikini. On the back it said, ‘See you tonight. Happy V-Day.’ I ducked out of work early that day.”
—John, Parkersburg, WV

And the worst of Valentine’s Day:

It’s not in the cards
“In my group of friends, there was a guy I really liked, and we’d become pretty good buddies. Valentine’s Day was coming up, and neither of us was dating anyone. I was so excited when he knocked on my door holding an adorable, homemade Valentine card. He even glued macaroni noodles onto it, like kids do in grade school. He showed it to me, and I was about to say thank you and give
“We had a wonderful, romantic snow day… ”
him a hug when he said, ‘Do you think Kate will like it?’ Kate was a mutual friend of ours whom he had a crush on. I somehow kept my composure until he left, at which point I wallowed in my worst Valentine’s Day ever.”
—Christine, Cleveland, OH

Short-changing a relationship
“A date took me out to dinner for Valentine’s Day. When the check came, he reached in his pocket and pulled out three rolls of quarters, and a roll of dimes. Then, he proceeded to break them all open and count them right there on the table. When the waiter came back, he was just as appalled as I was. He had to get a busboy to come over and help him carry the change to the register. His reasoning? ‘I wanted to get rid of it.’ That made me feel real special.”
—Amanda, Sacramento, CA

No reading between the lines necessary
“A few years ago, I’d been casually dating a guy for several months, and I was ready for a more serious relationship. Valentine's Day was coming, and I thought maybe the time was finally here. I really worked hard finding him a cool gift—a rare black-and-white picture of one of his favorite musicians. He got me a gift, too, and a card. I opened the card and it said, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day—can we just be friends?’ I never found out what the gift was, because I promptly threw it at him and left.”
—Alli, Philadelphia, PA

My bloody Valentine
“I took a girl out on Valentine’s Day after we’d been dating for a few weeks. The date went really well and, when we came home, we started kissing on her porch. She pulled away because she said she felt something on her face. When I opened my eyes, I saw that she had blood running down her cheeks. I’ve always had a problem with bloody noses, and I’d gotten one when we were kissing! She acted like it was no big deal, but I never heard from her again, and I guess I don’t entirely blame her.”
—Steve, St. Louis, MO

Maybe it’s better to call first
“I’d been flirting with a girl long-distance and decided to surprise her on Valentine’s Day by showing up on her doorstep. Through some subtle questioning, I got to know her schedule, and I knew when she'd be home, so I aimed to show up early in the morning just before she'd be heading out. I got there carrying flowers and thinking of the dinner reservations I'd made at a posh restaurant that night. I walked into her apartment building, took the elevator up to her floor, and just as I went to knock on her door it opened. There she was… kissing some guy who had obviously spent the night. When I caught her eye, she said, ‘Omigod!’ but I didn’t hear the rest, since I got out of there as quickly as I could.”
—Dale, Stamford, CT

Matt Christensen writes for Maxim and other publications.
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