5 Secrets To Rekindle Your Romance

Don’t be afraid to try something new that may spice up both your lives and help you grow closer together as a couple.

By Randy B. Hecht

t’s the stuff of classic comedy: The wife shows up at her workaholic husband’s office, wearing only a raincoat in an attempt to lure him away from his job and add sizzle to their relationship. We may laugh, but this scene underscores two things. In love, fantasy inevitably yields to reality, and you have to be creative if you want to maintain the sparks in a long-term relationship.

Consideration is an incredible aphrodisiac
It's amazing how sexy a few simple, considerate actions can be. Tuck a love note into his briefcase. Surprise her with a single
Sometimes the smallest gestures can produce the biggest responses.
red rose. Offer him a foot massage and a sympathetic ear at the end of a bad workday. Cook her a romantic meal when she least expects it. Sometimes the smallest gestures can produce the biggest responses.

Sensuality takes many forms
Truly sexy experiences begin in the brain, so let your imagination go wild. Prepare the senses with sexy music and soft candlelight. Add a little scented body oil, strategically applied. You can even use foods to arouse the senses—chocolate chip cookies still warm from the oven can be their own kind of foreplay.

Trust each other
One of you wants to try something new; the other is not so sure. Allow yourselves the time and room you need to grow into new experiences. Don’t be afraid to try something new that may spice up both your lives. Remember that you can rely on each other to test new boundaries safely together.

Never stop dating
Kids, work, social obligations, household chores—sometimes it seems that everyone and everything are conspiring to put your relationship on
Make spending time alone together an equal priority.
hold. Don’t let it happen. Make spending time alone together an equal priority, no matter what. Keep dating! Make the effort to get reacquainted with each other and steal a little time in a world with a population of just two.

Don’t forget the lingerie
You’ve got to feel sexy to be sexy. Find something that puts you in the mood and makes you feel romantic and attractive. It could be a pair of silk boxers, a lacy negligee or a sexy thong. And don’t wait for a special occasion to wear it … even if you won’t be wearing it for long!

Ultimately, how you and your sweetheart tend your flame is almost beside the point. What’s important is that you want to keep the fires stoked and are willing to put the necessary effort into your relationship. After all, you worked hard to woo and win each other—it must be worth some effort to keep each other too.

Randy B. Hecht is a freelance writer who contributes to Happen magazine.
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