“How I Fell in Love By Phone”

Let these amazing stories serve as proof that dialing someone’s digits can pay off big time—and offer a little inspiration on what to say.

By Nina Malkin

hile some people report they’ve fallen in love at first sight, others say their hearts were captured when they experienced love at first listen—over the phone. Be it a marathon series of late-night, long-distance calls or a chance meeting caused by a wrong number, these singles swear that if it weren’t for the work of Alexander Graham Bell, they wouldn’t have been so lucky in love. Below, find their stories of how they found love with a little help from their phones:

Shy guy’s salvation
“On my first few dates with Jacob, he was really quiet; I felt like I had to hold the conversation, pretty much. Because of this, I wasn’t really into him. I had practically written him off when he called me on the phone one night and we stayed on with each other for
“We got to know each other better on the phone than we would have if we’d gone to a noisy bar.”
nearly four hours. He’s definitely shy, so I think the face-to-face interaction was a little too intense for him at first and he just felt more comfortable speaking over the phone to someone he didn’t know as well. Good thing he called me that night—thanks to our conversation, I re-evaluated my opinion that he was a dud and gave him another chance. We’ve been dating for about 10 months now!”
—Tanya, dental hygienist, 28, Shaker Heights, OH

Flattery will get you everywhere
“When my husband Henry and I were first dating, each time he’d call me, even when I answered and he knew it was me, he’d say, ‘May I please speak to Amy, the most beautiful girl in the world?’ Some people may think that kind of thing is cheesy, but I loved it; he totally won my heart with that phrase!”
—Amy, 36, public relations consultant, Chicago, IL

In sickness and in health
“About a month into my relationship with Heather, my girlfriend, I got sick with mono and was bedridden for nearly six weeks. So that I wouldn’t be completely bored (or too dependent upon daytime television for entertainment), Heather would call me each day on her lunch break and we’d talk for her whole lunch hour. She always made sure she had a funny joke or story for me so that I’d laugh. We really got to know each other during those calls, and I came to understand what a caring, but also completely hysterical person she was, which I had not really realized before those conversations. When I got well, I was happy to have my health back, but I missed those conversations. Luckily, we get to have them in person now.”
—Nick, 29, loan officer, Livingston, NJ

Service with more than a smile
“I had just moved into a new apartment and was having a really terrible experience with our local cable company — I got no reception, technicians weren’t coming when I made appointments — you name it! I called customer service nearly every day, and after getting no help at all, I finally requested to speak with a manager. Mike, the guy they put me in touch with, was so nice and helpful; he really went out of his way to be kind and understanding while helping me out. Fixing my problems took a few weeks, and as he oversaw the whole process, we were on the phone nearly every day while it went on—definitely flirting throughout the whole ordeal. When things were finally fixed, I offered to take Mike out for a drink as thanks. After we met face-to-face, the chemistry was totally there, and we began dating soon after that night. We’re now engaged, and are getting married this New Year’s Eve!”
—Deanna, 29, salesperson, Frederick, MD

“I met Jeremy online, and because we live at opposite ends of the country and have jobs that keep us extremely busy, meeting each other face-to-face couldn’t happen as soon as we
I knew that there was something special about her.
would have liked. We emailed for a while, but soon began talking by phone. For four months, we spent nearly five hours on the phone with each other per day, talking about everything under the sun. Even though we never were physically with each other, we ‘dated’ over the phone during that time. Looking back, I think we probably talked more and got to know each other better this way than if we had gone out to noisy bars or spent time together watching movies and not talking. When we finally met up, it was as if we had known each other for our entire lives. We’ve been together now for almost a year!”
—Jenna, 31, television producer, Dallas, TX

A call to action
“Luisa and I had been dating for about three months before I was shipped off to Kuwait with the Navy. I knew that there was something special about her, and wasn’t willing to end things just because I’d be so far away from her. For the first month I was there, I wasn’t able to connect with her by phone or send a letter, but when I finally heard her voice again, it was like hearing an angel. Suddenly, I felt so at ease and comforted, despite being surrounded by conflict. Even though we didn’t get to speak frequently while I was overseas, each time was precious, and it was those phone calls and hearing her voice that kept me going. Shortly after I returned home, we got married, and we now have four beautiful children.”
—Danny, 42, sales manager, Columbus, GA

She had his number
“When I moved to New York from Chicago, I got a new cell phone number. Immediately after my service was activated, I began getting like 40 calls a day for Sean, a party promoter who previously had my number, but apparently hadn’t told all of his friends. I tracked him down at work and explained the situation and passed along some messages. He was really apologetic, and invited me and some friends to come to this huge party he was throwing at a super-trendy club. He gave us the VIP treatment and was just so charming. The next day he called me — he knew the number, of course — and asked me out. We’ve been dating for about six months now, and always joke that we should thank our phone service for the fix-up!”
—Fran, 26, Media Buyer, New York, NY

Football phone call
“My husband Ian’s friends say that they knew he was in love with me when we were first dating and he took my calls during one of his beloved Philadelphia Eagles games—and this was in the days before TiVo and DVRs! Now that we’re married, I know not to call him during a game unless there’s an emergency, but I like to think he’d answer, regardless!”
—Kirsten, 38, restaurant owner, Wildwood, NJ

Chelsea Kaplan is a senior editor at The Family Groove. Her work has been featured in Self, Men’s Health, New Woman, Bridal Guide, and The Mommy Times.
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