“How I Fixed My Love Luck…”

Men and women reveal tiny tweaks they made to their romance routine that turned things around. Try their tips for yourself and see!

e asked Happen readers to tell us their secrets—how they got their love life cooking. And they answered! For some, it was as simple as getting a new hair color. For others, it was silent vow to never, ever, mention the ex.
“I decided to have the ‘I’m fabulous no matter what’ attitude and it helped, big time!”
Still others swear that joining an activity you enjoy (swing dancing or triathlon training, anyone?) was their ticket to success. Their solutions may differ, but there’s one thing all these people have in common: They made a change to their dating routine that paid off in spades. If you’re curious what’s really made a difference in single men’s and women’s lives, read on for the most interesting answers… who knows? They might work for you too.

Nix negativity
“The key is removing ‘negative’ words from my conversation. I focused on explaining what I liked and who I am as opposed to what I didn’t like and who I wasn’t.”
—Sequitour, Portland, OR

Brunette ambition
“I went from blonde to brunette (really!). Things picked up… Brunette is the new blonde!”
—Charliesully, Denver, CO

Go with the flow
“I just learned to relax and not worry about it being the first date or whatever date it is—just enjoy it. After all, it is only one night of your life!”
—Bullock36, Washington, DC

Weighty matters
“I lost 20 pounds. Sounds superficial, but it works.”
—JoeyD1980, Raleigh, NC

Honesty will get you everywhere
“I vowed to not bring up my exes or put up any
They are going to find out who you are eventually anyway.
false fronts. They are going to find out who you are eventually anyway.”
—Kindercop28, San Diego, CA

Hair today, taken tomorrow
“I got a hair weave just for fun. You know, to change my look a bit. I posted the pictures and I got more winks, ‘Hi’ messages, and invites then I did before. All because I changed to a longer hairstyle.”
—Luvlu, Las Vegas, NV

Pursue your passion
“I got involved in an activity I enjoy (swing dancing). It boosted my confidence and helped me get more comfortable with talking to strangers.”
—joyella_sews, Baltimore, MD

Strike while the iron’s hot
“I began asking women out after only two emails—any longer a delay, and they get disinterested.”
—Anthony_Xmasbaby, New York, NY

Bald is beautiful
“I shaved my head completely bald, put a better picture on, and suddenly started getting many responses.”
—conrad4344, Houston, TX

Up in smoke
“I stopped smoking, since none of the guys that were interested in me smoked and I would rather have a boyfriend than cancer.”
—vhoff192, Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Attitude is everything
“I decided to finally have the ‘I’m fabulous no matter what’ attitude, and it helped, big time!”
—Charcmu, San Francisco, CA
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