What Makes A Great First Impression

Men and women reveal the most winning first-date moves they’ve ever seen—or have actually tried themselves.

t’s cliché but true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And that’s especially true when it comes to dating. Even seemingly miniscule gestures can give someone a glimmer of Yes, there’s something here that’s worth exploring further. So what, you may be wondering, are some simple ways to stand out from a sea of other suitors? Well, we presented that very question to numerous men and women and heard some surprising insights. Try one (or, hey, a few) of these moves to impress your next date.

Courtesy counts
“I think great impressions are a combination of many things, but especially being
“Being polite and opening doors for her seems to bring the biggest smile.”
interested—recalling bits of earlier conversation or remembering her friends’ names that she has talked about.”

Flattery gets you everywhere
“With online dates, I love it when someone says, ‘You look better in person.’ It gives you that extra bit of confidence. I think we all worry what our date is thinking after seeing us on paper and now in person.”

Grin and bear it
“Smiling, smiling, smiling!”

Silence that cell
“Being attentive to me is a great first impression. The minute someone forgoes the conversation to pick up the cell phone, I refuse to see the person again.”

Warm-up moves
“A friendly smile and a brief touch on the shoulder letting them know how happy I am to meet them. That seems to ease everyone’s nerves.”

Dress to impress
“I will say that a woman who dresses in a skirt or dress always impresses me.”

“Admitting that you’re nervous shows you’re human.”
Ask me no questions
“When I’m not asked why I haven’t been married or lived with a significant other.”

Sweet nothings
“A guy can make a great impression by showing up with something I’ve mentioned that I love. My particular favorite is Godiva truffles. It doesn’t have to be a $20 box; just one or two to show you were listening is all it takes!”

“Being polite and opening doors for her seems to bring the biggest smile. I guess most guys forget the basics of chivalry.”

Clothes make the man
“I’ve had several guys make a great first impression with me when they tell me they went shopping for a new outfit just for their first date with me.”

Don’t sweat it
“What makes a good impression? Admit that you’re nervous. It shows you’re human—and makes the other person feel more at ease with their nervousness!”
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