Signs Of Great Conversation

If you’re not sure what to talk about on your date, the answer in the stars! Read on to learn how to charm your date with conversation by learning communication techniques specific to his or her sign.

By Barrie Dolnick

irst dates are like downloading information: You could cover jobs, families, preferences in movies, music and sports, all while trying to figure out if there’s chemistry between the two of you. A spark of
Exuberance and enthusiasm are the hallmarks of Aries.
romance can be encouraged by fetching conversation, but over-sharing will put that fire out before it’s even started. Learn how to communicate better with your date by his or her birth sign.

Exuberance and enthusiasm are the hallmarks of Aries, so look your Aries date straight in the eye, be honest or entertaining (preferably both) and you’ll be right on track.
Things an Aries will share: Triumphs of sport, work, interesting stories about other people and neutral views on hot-button issues (that is, at least, until you’re intimate).
Things an Aries doesn’t want to hear: The world is in ruin, any of your strong, emotionally charged views without backing them up with factual support or how bad you are at tennis.

Tactile communications come naturally to this earth-loving sign. A touch of the arm, a warm hug, a gentle hand on the back — but words? A Taurus is considerably more cautious in conversation.
Things a Taurus will share: Information about the weather, neutral opinions about work and non-sensitive, often flattering stories of friends and family. The Taurus tone is happy, the conversation’s depth controlled.
Things a Taurus doesn’t want to hear: Your personal angst issues, hopelessness about the greenhouse effect, animal extinction or what gave you food poisoning.

Most Geminis will be hard to talk to because there will be few gaps in the conversation. You’ll have to work hard to hear your own voice. The Gemini minority will say nothing and expect you to exhibit wit and charm. Either way, it’s a communications game.
Things a Gemini will share: Anything from clothing sizes, opinions on taboo topics or what happened in the 3rd grade. It’s up to you to figure out where to draw the line at sharing.
Things a Gemini doesn’t want to hear: How funny someone else is, the extent of your social network or why you don’t like to read.

Careful to the point of being difficult, a Cancer can start off chatting slowly and end up in a conversational challenge of wills. But don’t be fooled into thinking Cancers are resilient; inside, that heart is really soft and warm.
Things a Cancer will share: A passion for his or her work or hobbies, how everything/anything is ridiculously expensive and a good laugh over conspiracy theories.
Things a Cancer doesn’t want to hear: Stories about your friends and how funny something was to you a long time ago, exhaustive information about your favorite movie or a secret about someone, even if it’s a total stranger.

Warm and easy with conversation, a Leo can make you feel as though you’re super-attractive and engaging even if you’re reciting the phone book. To really hook a Leo, ask a single open-ended question and let your date hold forth on the subject.
Things a Leo will share: Encouraging stories of triumph, musical preferences and a rousing debate over what “being great” actually means.
Things a Leo doesn’t want to hear: How bad you got ripped off, where to get the best deal on a car (the unedited version) or how boring your life is.

Smart and quick to understand others, you’d better be ready if you’re talking with a Virgo. You don’t have to have all the answers because Virgos generally do — just be sure to listen in case there’s a quiz later.
Things a Virgo will share: Advice, instructions, problem-solving of any kind, humorous stories (whether they’re
You don’t have to have all the answers because Virgos generally do.
personal or not), Basically, Virgos talk about anything and everything.
Things a Virgo doesn’t want to hear: A problem that you like to discuss but really don’t want to fix, how mean your boss is or why you really don’t care about food.

Balanced and interested in love, not war, Libras make an effort to keep up with you in conversation and avoid arguments. It takes time to get beneath the surface of a Libra.
Things a Libra will share: How much fun he or she had a party, his or her love of a great movie, play or book and, well, your views on most things, since Libras hate conflict.
Things a Libra doesn’t want to hear: Election results that are in dispute, your health insurance costs or anything bad about someone he or she knows personally.

Not known for being natural conversationalists, Scorpios can still work a room. However, one-on-one contact puts shy Scorpio on guard, so keep your conversations primarily in neutral settings or in bed — and stick to minimal communication otherwise.
Things a Scorpio will share: Passionate views on worldly issues while staying guarded about answering personal questions… even those that you think are perfectly harmless.
Things a Scorpio doesn’t want to hear: Your medical history or deep philosophical thoughts. Never put a Scorpio on the spot!

Sagittarius communicates on two levels; talking is one, making non-verbal cues is another. You’ll know how you’re doing by maintaining eye contact with a Sagittarius (or the complete lack of it).
Things a Sagittarius will share: Anything. They are frank to a fault, painfully honest — and Sagittarius excels in TMI. On the plus side, they are not easily offended, either.
Things a Sagittarius doesn’t want to hear: Common knowledge, folksy stories without a point or lies of any proportion.

Serious and earnest conversations with a Capricorn are likely at first, but underneath lies a dry wit and strong appreciation for humor. Show what you know, then add some levity — Capricorn has a real weakness for funny dates.
Things a Capricorn will share: Non-controversial opinions, a love of mutual respect, and ardent views on non-toxic subjects.
Things a Capricorn doesn’t want to hear: Huge opinions backed by few facts (especially on sports-related topics), down-on-your-luck stories or what happened on your favorite TV show.

While easy to talk to, Aquarians are smart, intuitive and prone to eccentric and imaginative opinions. Keep it general, not personal, at least in the beginning.
Things an Aquarius will share: Ideals for improving the world, an extensive knowledge of his or her preferred music genre and very different opinions than you’d expect.
Things an Aquarius doesn’t want to hear: Extensive celebrity gossip, the virtues of any diet plan or how your successful friend is buying a new house.

Naturally shy but adaptable Pisces is easy to talk to and also easily offended. Music, good movies or funny sports stories will amuse a Pisces. Jokey jabs, however, are deadly.
Things a Pisces will share: Party stories, really good restaurant recommendations and a love of animals.
Things a Pisces doesn’t want to hear about: The stock market, plastic surgery or stories that emphasize lust over love.

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Enlighten Up! and KarmaBabe.
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